magento code audit

Magento Code Audit

Ever felt ill and went to the doctor for a checkup to see what’s wrong? Remotemage does exactly that for your eCommerce site.

Glitches, performance bugs, legacy code, security vulnerabilities, potential site breakers, faulty integrations, and a whole lot of other potential issues.

Remotemage’s Magento code audit takes a look at your site’s code, it’s actual DNA, to see what is happening and how to fix it.

Magento Code Audits, As Necessary as A Medical Exam

If you happen to come from any other eCommerce platform this might be foreign to you. Why does your site need a code audit? Can you just call customer support and fix it? Not so easy.

Magento being the open-source, robust, and fully customizable platform it is requires the work of actual coders to get the juice out of it.

Why Magento Code Audits?

Coding is complex work and code tends to need renovation and upkeep lest it becomes useless over time. Worse, it could drag your site’s performance down significantly.

Remotemage’s Magento Code Audit is glad to assist you in figuring out what is wrong. Together we can determine what can be done to optimize your eCommerce Magento site to be the best it can be.

Looking for Code Illness

Our Magento code audit is the equivalent of an all-inclusive checkup for your eCommerce site’s health, no problem escapes our exams.

We’ll get to the bottom of what is keeping your site of going from good to awesome. Loading times, payment gateway, system integrations, faulty extension, data security, and more.

Our peek under the hood is thorough, we’ll let you know the exact state of your site and how to improve it.

A Magento Code Audit with Remotemage Is

Our analysis gives birth to a detailed brief that goes over every finding of the audit and the step-to-step guide on improving them.

There’s optimal code and there’s barely functional code. An audit with us informs you of any improper code that, while working, might do more harm than good in the long run.

Our years of experience enabled us to develop our very own tests to assess how well your code is performing to current standards.

Our staff has been working Magento since the very first version, we know where and what to look for. Our experienced eyes work at your disposal.

From complex terminology to simple guiding on the user interface. Our enabled user support will help you to understand anything related to your audit.

Remotemage’s Code Audit Gets to The Bottom Your Site’s Issues.

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    Our Magento code audit is the equivalent of an all-inclusive checkup for your eCommerce site’s health, no problem escapes our exams.