Magento Performance optimisation service

Magento Performance Optimisation Service

The average customer doesn’t like to wait, this is true as in real life as it is online. So, you better not make them waste one second.

A non-performance optimized page is a slow page, the worse thing an eCommerce page can be. Remotemage’s Magento performance optimization services save you from committing this fatal mistake.

Losing Customers? Try Being Faster

Did you know? On average, 47% of online customers close the browser of an eCommerce site if it takes more than 1 second to load. 1 second!

1 second is all you got to woo them and have them press buy. Get your Magento site to load even faster than that with Remotemage’s performance optimization.

Magento performance optimisation with The Pros

One quick online search should show you that there are a lot of guides out there on Magento page optimization. But they all should come with a warning: ‘If you don’t code, do not do it!’.

Despite what your favorite tech blogger might say, this is not kid’s work, this is a work for the pros. Professional Magento optimization performance saves you from breaking your site by changing the wrong code.

More Speed Means More Sells

People are busy and people are wanting, the customer will not wait for your site to load up. More than 1 second waiting means their wallets close shut!

Magento Performance optimization means conversion optimization. A fast eCommerce site allows you to showcase what you got to your customer’s impatient eyes.

The Need for Speed

What drags down a Magento site is not just one thing. A whole list of factors can take your site from the top of search results to the dreaded beyond-the-fist-page lands.

Magento performance optimization goes to the comprehensive list of every single area where your site could do better. Improve your page ranks with the speed Remotemage can provide.

Addressing What Keeps You Down

Magento performance optimization by Remotemage goes through everything, from your hosting to your database and the key parts of your code.

Our comprehensive performance optimization addresses both simplest tasks and the most painstaking code issues with equal efficiency. With us, no detail is overlooked.

Choosing the right server architecture for your operation is one of the first make-or-break choices that set your site’s speed. We assess your site to figure out which architecture option is the right one.

A sizeable part of your site’s speed hinges on how quickly your database responds. Remotemage goes over the data and data structure hosted there and efficiently arranges it.

Proper caching mechanism setup can mean the difference between more than 1 second and less than 1 second loading time. Our team knows how a proper cache setup looks like.

A variety of seemingly small things can have a big impact on how fast your site loads. From file compression to image sizes, our team goes over even the tiniest details to speed you up.

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    Magento Performance Optimisation Service
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    The average customer doesn’t like to wait, this is true as in real life as it is online. So, you better not make them waste one second...