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Magento development services

Magento Development Services

Magento is what we breathe, exhale, and code for. Our team might be remote, but the expertise for developing for the Magento platform binds us together.

Remotemage’s team is made up solely of enterprise level-certified Magento developers. We are capable of expertly working the biggest, most complex stores, or the smallest online shops.

Thought that Magento was easy? Think again. The open-source platform of Magento is the best for a reason, you can fully customize it through coding.

But great power requires knowledge to wield. Remotemage puts a team of internationally talented and certified Magento experts at your disposal.

Experience at Work

Our more than a decade of experience allows us to feel at home within the Magento environment. And just like our own homes, we know every one of its secrets.

Magento might be complex but it is no mystery for us that have been at it from day one. We put our extensive expertise at the service of creating and optimizing your Magento store.

Skilled at Every Language

Not the ones you speak, but the ones you code with. PHP, SQL, HTML. JS, CSS, LESS, Knockout.JS, Require.JS, Zend Framework, Symfony Components, etc.

There’s not one Magento-related coding language that the fingers at Remotemage can’t code with.  And there are no barriers to what we can build you with them.

The Latest in Magento Development

Not only are we experts in Magento, but we remain so regardless of the time and trends that pass by. Magento is constantly evolving and so are we with it.

Remotemage’s team regularly stays informed on the latest of the Magento eCommerce scene. Discerning trends, best practices, and upcoming innovations that can set you ahead of the pack.

User-Friendly Design

We might be experts, but we are still humans. We know how an excellent user interface that is a joy to use looks and functions like, regardless of complexity.

Our Magento development designs follow a user-friendly fashion to make it as appealing as possible for you and your customers.

Each member of Remotemage is magento certified developer. That means we are qualified to handle the most complex and expansive Magento stores.

We are set on executing your own vision. Remotemage maintains regular communication during Magento development to ensure the expectations are met.

Magento development is just one half, testing is the other. Extensive quality assurance tests take place before implementation to guarantee things run smoothly.

At Remotemage our skills are great, but our prices are reasonable. The remote nature of our team enabled us to come up with an attractive price offering that suits both you and us.

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    Magento is what we breathe, exhale, and code for. Our team might be remote, but the expertise for developing for the Magento platform binds us together...