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Magento Migration service

Magento Migration Services

Think of a Magento Migration as you moving out of your apartment, you want a good company handling your stuff.

A bad Magento migration would be like letting a pack of gorillas handle the boxes labeled ‘Fragile’. It’s not going to end well.

Instead, Remotemage uses big trucks, fasting belts, generous padding, and men with gloves that will handle your data like the most delicate china porcelain.

Going from The Suburbs to Magento City

Looking to move from your old eCommerce platform to Magento? Nobody can’t blame you. From its debut, Magento has become the leading eCommerce platform, experiencing an unprecedented boom as of late.

Everyone in the eCommerce business is looking to move to Magento. Problem is, not everyone knows how to handle a successful Magento Migration without losing data. But luckily, you got us.

Magento Migration: Why?

Statistic shows that Magento powers 250,000 sites already and handles around $155 billion in transactions every year. So, it’s safe to say that people love it.

Magento migration occurs because eCommerce sites realize the large possibilities there are in a complete customization power through a robust system.

Magento not only lets your site look amazing. It also helps add near-limitless additional functionalities and even integration with other systems you use.

If done right, as Remotemage does, Magento migration can only expand your eCommerce store to the highest levels.

From Where to Magento?

Remotemage’s Magento migration can successfully move your store from any platform to Magento 2, the latest version.

  • From Magento 1 to Magento 2
  • From Magento Open Sourceto Magento Enterprise.
  • From WooCommerce, Shopify,OpenCart, and too many others to name to Magento 2

Remotemage even has experience handling Magento migration from custom-built eCommerce platforms. Remotemage guarantees a smooth transition to Magento from anywhere, anytime.


Thorough Analysis

Before moving we’ll get to know what we are moving. Remotemage conducts a thorough audit of your soon-to-be-former eCommerce store. We’ll understand your data, structures, and processes intimately.

This information enables us to better accommodate your new Magento site to perfectly meet your needs. Remotemage Magento migration is tailormade to your comfort.

A Magento Migration with Remotemage Is

Data Security Assured Agile Testing Assistance on Demand
Losing your eCommerce site data is akin to a bank losing your complete account balance. Not good. Remotemage handles the data backup and transition smoothly.


We perform under agile methodologies, even when migrating. Our team conducts the required quality assurance tests promptly and on schedule.


Your new Magento environment might need some getting used to. Don’t worry, we are with you every step of the way. A helpful customer support line will be enabled for any inquiries.


Customized Migration Time & Cost Effective  
Functionalities of your former platform that are viable for Magento can be implemented. After analyzing is viability we’ll get to implement it, making you feel just like home. Time is money, and the time it takes for migrating your site is your money. Remotemage treats it with the respect it deserves, performing your migration in a timely manner.




Remotemage’s Magento Migration Handles Your Data with The Care It Deserves.


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    Think of a Magento Migration as you moving out of your apartment, you want a good company handling your stuff...