How to effectively increase your sales on Magento Ecommerce platforms

Increase your sales with magento

Magento is one of the most powerful platforms for ecommerce, and whether you are the owner of a large shop or a small one, Magento will always provide excellent customization and will be flexible for anyone’s needs, especially if you are looking to increase your sales. It doesn’t matter when did you start your ecommerce business and what you do, all of us have the same goal: To boost the sales as much as possible. Only attracting visitors to your website is not sufficient for increasing the conversion rate, but to help you get the most out of your Ecommerce store, we highlighted some tips based on our Magento experience, revealing the most effectively ways to increase your sales.

1. Optimize Your Buyer’s Journey

As you might know, the buyer’s journey refers to the process the customers go through when they buy a product, what are their actions and when they are performing them. The better you understand the behavior of the customers and then create marketing strategies, the quicker you increase your sales. This entire process is defined by the following three subs:

  • awareness
  • consideration
  • decision

The very first step you have to make to increase your sales is to identify if you reach your target audience and gain understanding about the existing one. The next step is to do some magic and mind-guess your target audience. If your potential customer is still at the Awareness stage, then he or she is most likely thinking along these generic terms—what, when, where, why, who, and how. When they already have a guess about what they need and are aware about the options they have, it means that they just reached the consideration stage. In the next stage, your customer is aware of what he or she needs and is considering all of the options, and the last remaining thing is to decide where to get the best deal. Your job is to identify the stage where the buyer situates and guide them to move from awareness to decision.


2. Optimize your magento store performance to increase your sales

Did you know? On average, 47% of online customers close the browser of an eCommerce site if it takes more than 1 second to load. 1 second! Do you know the saying: Time costs you money? So, you better not loose 1 second unnecessarily!

So, optimizing the page loading speed on your website is surely the key to successfully increase your sales. Luckily, our services include the performance optimization too.

3. Highlight the best deals and promotions on you homepage

Show them what people are buying the most, in this way you can give your customers some direction. In this case, you have more opportunities to implement this technique. You can make a “Best selling” section, or on hot occasions you can offer them all kind of promotions and discounts, even free shipping. Incorporating the fear of missing out (FOMO) technique represents another way to get your clients to act fast. You can display a countdown until the promotion ends, or displaying how many products are in stock. The choice is up to you!

4. Optimize your E-mail Marketing strategies

Design an appealing email and newsletter campaign that attracts clients to visit your website. Utilizing news alert notifications will help your customer to always know what’s new on our site. After this step is marked as successful and thankfully you have the buyer’s journey optimized, it will take care to transform your visitors into paying customers. Unfortunately this method works only if you have your customer’s email addresses.

5.Invest in a Mobile-friendly eCommerce Website!

 Most people, like Jane’s example in the previous articles, are using their mobile device, because sometimes is more accessible than carrying your laptop with you everywhere.Customers can purchase your products wherever & whenever they are by only surfing your website on their mobiles.If your store is not mobile-friendly, you already lost a lot of customers, and with customers, a lot of money too.

6. Reduce Abandoned Cartsand simplify the checkout process.

Understanding why customers abandon their carts is the first step to avoid it. The checkout process should not have a lot of steps.  Opt for a Magento One-Page Checkout extension, it lowers the time to complete the checkout. Use the magento persistent cart method. Every time a customer adds something to the cart and leaves the page, the information will be saved. Especially for guest users, the persistent cart is the only way to save their shopping list and retrieve it the next time they use yourMagento website. If you want to know more about how to reduce abandoned carts in order to increase your sales, check out our “ How to reduce abandoned cart rate in Magento-6 effective ways” article.

Increase your sales with magento